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Business Personal Property Tax Rendition Service

The Business Property Tax Group has been representing and assisting business owners with their property tax issues for the past 10 years. It has been the only property tax consulting firm that specifically specializes in business personal property taxes. This experience is invaluable for our clients.

Our Services Include:
Prepare annual business personal property tax renditions;
Analyze a company’s assets to determine correct taxable valuations;
Analyze inventory to determine correct taxable values and exemptions;
Prepare all applicable exemption forms;
File property tax valuation appeals with appraisal districts;
Attend all hearing before the appraisal district and the Appraisal Review Boards;
Consulting services;
Review of yearly tax bills to assure accuracy.

Real Estate Tax, Commercial and Residential Property

Real Property Tax Consulting includes the valuation analysis and appeal for all types of commercial and residential property. It includes, but is not limited to, single family, multifamily, office, manufacturing, research and development facilities, warehouses, retail centers, restaurants, hotels/motels, golf courses, mobile home parks, marinas, as well as, development, residential and agricultural land, including all special valuation applications and exemptions such as wildlife management, religious and charitable.

Property Tax Appeals

Once you have appointed us as your representative, we will file the appeal timely and appropriately. We will present our valuation proposal informally with the appraisal district representatives. Most appeals are settled at this level. If needed, we will appear before the Appraisal Review Board. It is not necessary for you to be present at either meeting.

Property Tax Consulting

Property Tax Consulting includes, but is not limited to, meeting with you and discussing your business’ proposed or potential tax valuation or liability, reviewing and analyzing the property’s fair market value, and offering advice for potential valuation appeal or rendition.


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